Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Magnets & Pushpins Tutorial!

From Megan @ The Brassy Apple

I love taking fabric and using it on other fun crafting projects besides just sewing or what you would typically expect. I have several projects I have done over the last couple of months and thought I would share them with you! So if you - or your kids - are itching for a little DIY project, here's a great one for the whole family!

Step 1: Gathering the supplies - you will need largecrafting "bubbles" with one side that is flat. You can use any size you like. Magnets - make sure your magnets are large enough to support the size of your bubbles. If they are too small the finished magnet will slowly slide down your refrigerator when you try to use it to actually hold any papers. Small pushpins with a flat head if possible. Craft glue - I prefer E600 - it's great for many projects, is clear and dries fast too. And then of course your fabrics or patterned scrapbooking type papers if you don't have fabrics on hand. Scissors, and something to trace with - I like using a fabric marker. Fusible interfacing or fusible fleece - optional.

Step 2: Layout your fabrics and place your bubbles over top moving it around until you find a pattern that you like. Cut around the pattern in a small square and continue with as many fabrics and patterns for the magnets that you want to make. Optional step: Fuse interfacing or fleece to the back of your precut squares on the wrong side of the fabric. This will give the back of your magnets a finished look and keep the fabric from fraying when you cut it and use your magnets.

Step 3: Trace around your bubble and cut out your circle. Repeat with all your cut squares.

Step 4: Using a toothpick, squeeze out some glue and use the toothpick to apply it to the right side of your fabric. Place a nice medium sized glop in the center of the circle. Take your bubble and place it on top of the glue and press firmly and evenly down. The glue will race for the outside edges - be sure to push out any or as many glue bubbles as you can. Set aside to dry and repeat until finished.

Step 5: Using craft or hot glue adhere your magnets to the back and place them right side up to dry. Remember to use a large enough magnet for the size of your craft bubble.

Step 6: Once dry they can dot your fridge, metal file cabinet, etc. Another great idea is to place them in a small container like an altoids tin, wrap it up with some ribbon and you have a great personalized gift to give away! Enjoy!

Push pins

To make push pins for your bulletin board simple use the smaller size craft bubbles and follow steps 1 - 4 as outlined above. Then, instead of gluing a magnet to the back glue a flat headed push pin. Set pin side up to dry.

Megan says:

If you give this project a try be sure to let me know, send pictures or blog about it too and post the link so we can all check out your handwork!

I've taken Megan's tutorial and added a twist to it!

I like to use scrapbooking paper, only because I use it for other projects.

I use a 1" hole puncher instead of tracing and cutting

I have also added words, pictures and quotes just to add a personal touch.

Paper clips with charms to match push pins and magnets

Instructions on How to do a Wire Wrap - to add as charm to paper clip

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Tracey said...

I am soooo pulling this one out of my "project graveyard" and trying again!! I must have had the wrong glue!!

Love your blog!