Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creating a Candy Buffet Table

Creating a great-looking, delicious candy display table takes a certain amount of forethought and planning. From choosing the candy types to colors to how to display it all, the first step in creating a successful candy table is coming up with the overarching concept. Here’s how:

1. Begin by Outlining the Purpose of the Event

Quickly jot down who the party is for or what the crux of the celebration is about to suss out any potential inspiration points for the dessert table display.

2. Decide Upon a Theme

If it’s a graduation party, consider using candy in the school colors in the candy table buffet. For a birthday, incorporate the birthday boy or girl’s favorite types of dessert or candy. If it’s an engagement party, you can top mini cupcakes with faux engagement rings, or include ring pops in tall apothecary jars.

3. Choose Dessert Selection

Though candy bars are usually filled with – you guessed it – candy, many people are getting creative and providing a selection of other dessert treats. From brownie bites and lemon bars to mini cupcakes and tiny chocolate chip cookies, the possibilities are endless.

To choose the right dessert selection, consider the taste of your guests, as well as the guest of honor for the celebration.

You can include desserts and candies that fit a theme (such as Cracker Jack bags for a baseball-themed boy's birthday), or desserts and candies that have particular meaning for the guest of honor (mini version of Grandma’s banana bread pudding cups, a favorite childhood treat).

The more thought that goes into the selection of items for the candy table, the more personal and meaningful the display will be, and the more guests will appreciate and admire the end result.

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